REBEL & STONE is a lifestyle label from Australia.

Born from a love of untamed coastlines, tropical travel and minimalistic style REBEL & STONE is carefully created for slow & steady living.

We use natural and recycled fabrics with low environmental impact to create collections that transcend seasons and become much loved pieces of your wardrobe.

Our effortlessly wearable collections evoke a feeling of calmness and it is important for us to create in the same way. Each design is organically inspired and meticulously developed with a high attention to detail.

Our fabric choices, range planing & production processes are all key elements to the evolution of REBEL & STONE, the message of our brand & the development of our signature style; Relaxed, Luxurious, Effortless.




"She is strong like stone & rebellious like the sea, her heart is always home & her soul is always free"